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Cera hard at work in Kingas rebalance class Cera with the class at Delmar after being a guest speaker for them. Cera creating art at the INM Educator Training Cera and Jeannelle with Helen at her workshop Cera with Tanya Puttick and Brenda O’toole Cera with the rest of Kingas class Sample Text Cera and Suzy from Nail Career Education Sample Text Cera with Ugly Ducklings Dynamic Duo Cera with Sarah Elmaz, Nataliya Pahamova and Medina at the Ugly Duckling 5K training



Obsession Beauty Academy stemmed from   Obsession Spa which was started by our Master Educator Cera Jade in March 2010. After receiving set after set of unsatisfactory, rushed nails, and never returning to the same salon twice she knew it was time to change this standard.

Cera invests in advanced training yearly to keep her skills on the forefront of industry advancements. She has been certified as an educator by multiple well known nail brands such as International Nail Manufacturers (INM) in April 2014 with Lorena Marquez and then took Ugly Duckling Nail Education in July 2016. In 2015 Cera was hired to run the nail program for National Institute of Wellness and Aesthetics (NIWA). It was those experiences that drove her to spend over four years writing and developing the Obsession Beauty Academy programs, which she still updates and edits to this day.  We are now recognized in the local community for our excellent education and services, Cera has even been asked to guest speak for other educational esthetic institutes such as Delmar College.

Cera is always on top of trends, industry advancements and artistic improvements which keeps her knowledge sharp and the salons flare on edge. With over nine years of industry experience, Cera constantly continues to update skills and services to Obsession.

Cera recently attended the 2019 Orlando Premiere Beauty Show, the largest beauty event in North America, where she entered the Nailympia International Nail Competition for her first time and won second place in mixed box media design.

Additional education includes body waxing through the Esthetic Institute, nail art or sculpting classes with Ramona Hales, MissU, Sarah Elmaz, Helen YEG, Murieva Medina, Nataliya Pahamova, The Dynamic Duo Natasha Harton and Christina Cronk, Kinga Micaci, Tanya Puttick and Brenda O’toole, Erica Schlabach of Ericas ATA and Hillary Dawn Herrera.

Students appreciate the extra care and personal time dedicated to each of them, with consistently updated and current curriculum leaving excited to show off the fabulous nails they’ve created and eager to return for more education.

Obsession Beauty Academy is run solely by Master Educator Cera, who takes care and pride in each students development and career growth. Unlike larger corporate schools that employ or contract various teachers that can cycle in and out or are not available for follow up support. Six months, a year or even five years after your education is completed it will always be her smiling face you are able to come back to for support.

To see our past students work, check the student reference page here.