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Cera hard at work in Kingas rebalance class



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Cera creating art at the INM Educator Training

Obsession Spa was started by myself Cera Jade, in March 2010 after moving to Calgary and receiving set after set of unsatisfactory, rushed nails, and never returning to the same salon twice I knew it was time to change this standard.




Cera and Delmar Educator Nikki

Being spoiled in my previous home Victoria B.C.  I was having my nails done by one of the most talented nail technicians I had come across. She quickly became a close friend and someone I kept in contact with through my nail trials and tribulations in Calgary.  After deciding there was a definite need for a skilled nail tech in the area we arranged for her to teach me, not in a regular class but on a

Cera with the class at Delmar after being a guest speaker for them

Cera with the class at Delmar after being a guest speaker for them

one-on-one basis in her home studio. With over eight years of experience and almost every brand you can names training, she provided elite coaching including all sorts of art, proper health information and product and brand knowledge.

In 2012 after an unfortunate health issue left my nail instructor unable to continue in the industry I re-branded my salon as Obsession Spa, proudly carrying on her name and passion in the industry still today.

Now in my ninth year in the industry I continue to add skills and services to my business. This includes body waxing education through the Esthetic Institute, nail art or sculpting classes with Ramona Hales, MissU, Sarah Elmaz, Helen YEG, Murieva Medina, Nataliya Pahamova, The Dynamic Duo Natasha Harton and Christina Cronk, Kinga Micaci, Tanya Puttick and Brenda O’toole. I became a certified INM Nail Educator in April 2014 with Lorena Marquez and then took Ugly Duckling Nail Education in July 2

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Cera with the rest of Kingas class

016. This prompted the opening of Obsession beauty Academy in January 2015, ambitious and dedicated to teach quality Esthetics to passionate students. I am always on top of trends, industry  advancements and artistic improvements which keeps my knowledge and the salons flare on edge. Clients appreciate the extra care and personal time dedicated to each of them, leaving excited to show off their fabulous nails and always eager to return.


Obsession takes each and every client and students needs, health, relaxation and sanitation seriously ensuring every individual has the utmost care in their home spa or school experience. Without the corporate luxuries of having

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Cera with the Ugly Duckling team and friends at a training

walk-in clients and street advertisement, those who come to us receive executive treatment to ensure they leave with a genuine smile and enthusiastic eagerness to return and spread the word of wonderful service..

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Cera and Jeannelle with Helen at her workshop

Cera with Tanya Puttick and Brenda O’toole

Cera and SUzy from Nail Career Education

Cera and Suzy from Nail Career Education

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Cera with Sarah Elmaz, Nataliya Pahamova and Medina at the Ugly Duckling 5K training

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Cera with Ugly Ducklings Dynamic Duo

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