Advanced Nail Technology Certification

Advanced Nail Technology Certification

Obsession Advanced Nail Technology Certification – $5500

Welcome to the first step in launching a new incredibly rewarding career!

Local salons specifically seek out Obsession Certified students as our 200 hour Advanced Nail Technology course is not only exclusive to Obsession Spa but is the best possible foundation for a successful career in the industry. It is taught in a large home salon \environment with a private hands on class that features a custom written textbook and delicate balance of practical and written knowledge and testing. There are guest educators and expansive product education on multiple brands, not just one as most schools offer. This is one complete comprehensive course for carefully selected people who want to become serious esthetic professionals and industry leaders, not just “nail ladies”. Everything from basic to advanced techniques and art are covered and perfected over this 8 week nail bootcamp.

We are not an express style salon and as a result we do not offer that kind of education. In an unregulated industry people often forget the curriculum standards are also unregulated, make sure to do your research and ensure your school is passionate about improving the substandard quality that is all too frequent in this industry. We strive to raise the bar in producing top quality nail technicians that have optimum knowledge of all anatomy, bacteriology and produce premium nail services.

During the Obsession Esthetics module you will learn and master these skills:

-Standard Manicure
-Advanced Manicure
-Paraffin Application
-Gel Polish
-Gel Nails

-Gel Toes/ Pedique
-Acrylic Nails
-Acrygel Nails
-Nail Reconstruction
-Tip Application
-Form Application and Nail Sculpting
-Advanced shaping
-Electric Filling

-Trouble shooting and Nail Repairs
-Basic & Advanced Nail Art
– Ombre in both Gel & Acrylic
-3D & 4D art in both Gel & Acrylic

Along with these services you will learn theory to reinforce the practical procedures. The areas covered include:
-Skin Theory
-Sanitation and Bacteriology in accordance with Alberta Health regulations

-Nail and Skin Disorders
-Massage movements
-Salon Etiquette and Independent Professional Development

A 75% average in both practical and theory is required for successful completion of this course.

We offer a free continuing education support group and welcoming Obsession student alumni to all past and present students.

Classes run Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00-10:00pm and Sundays from 10:00am to 6:00pm. There will be assigned product and client practice homework and a small pre-course study
guide.  The course is a total of 200 hours with an extra optional 50 hour salon experience apprenticeship and will run every four months.  Obsession Advanced Nail Technology Training is being offered at a reduced price of $5500+tax and includes $2000 worth of supplies and materials. Courses value over $8350 if taken individually.

Deposits are required early registration is required to hold your spot. Wait lists are available when classes are full and will be on a first come first served basis. There is no prerequisite training required to sign up

Student Testimonials:
“I chose this program because it offered much more than just the basics offered in other programs. I also enjoyed the flexible evening and weekend schedule. Cera is still available for my questions and I’ve been out of school for a year and a half. Cera wants you to succeed and will spend extra time with you as necessary to ensure your goals are met. If there’s a particular thing you want to learn in class, she’s more than willing to accommodate these requests. The text book is also a plus in this course. This is an updated text, teaching updated techniques and nail care. I am pleased with my education choice!” – Serena

“I recently graduated from Obsession Beauty Academy & I’m so glad i found this course! Cera is so knowledgeable about everything nails & goes so in depth! I’m still able to contact Cera with any questions i have & you know all she wants is for you to succeed in this industry!” – Savannah

“Thank you so much Obsession for the amazing experience. I hope to make you proud. If anyone is wanting to get their certificate I highly recommend seeing Cera! She is the most knowledgeable confident teacher ever.” -Kathryn

The Professional Student Kit Includes:

Gel kit: Swarovski gel brush, *prep, *prime, *500 pack forms, clear gel, natural gel, white gel, pink gel, cover pink gel, gel cleanse, sanding bands, *files, *buffers, *500 pk nail tips, *brush on nail glue, no wipe top coat, 30pk assorted trial files, box of dust masks, 24K cuticle oil,
Acrylic kit: Swarovski #8 acrylic brush, Swarovski 3D acrylic brush, *prep, *prime, *500 foil forms, *files, *buffers, clear acrylic powder, white acrylic powder, pink acrylic powder, cover pink acrylic powder, monomer, odourless monomer, brush cleaner, dappen dish, *500 pk nail tips, *brush on nail glue, pinching tweezers, Swarovski c-curve sticks, Apron.
Gel Polish kit: Base/top coat, white, black, four colours of choice, matte topcoat. implement kit, orangewood sticks, cuticle pusher, replacement tips, cuticle nippers, esthetic scissors, pack of nail trainer tips,

Art supplies: Swarovski nail art detailer 2 brush, Swarovski nail art striper brush, Swarovski blinger tool, Swarovski silicone tools, nail art, display tips

At home supplies alcohol, acetone, two pump bottles, Dual UV/LED lamp, full pack nail wipes, roll of blue shop towel, CS20 sanitizer, sanitizing receptacle, surface sanitizer and of course Obsessions own custom written textbook.

While in school you are encouraged to use school product to save your kit for your career. By the time many students complete their courses their kits are empty causing them to make another big investment before being able to start their careers, with Obsession we want to give you the best foundation in every aspect for optimum success.